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Microsoft CoPilot
Brands | Internet | Technology

Microsoft’s Bold Move in AI: A Keyboard Revolution After Decades

In a landmark move that signals a new era in computing, Microsoft has announced the introduction of the ‘Copilot key’ to its Windows keyboards, marking the first major redesign of the device in nearly three decades. This groundbreaking development underscores the tech giant’s deep dive into artificial intelligence (AI), a strategic pivot that could redefine…

Internet | Technology

AI Emerges as a Core Component in Tech, Transforming the Industry Landscape

In a significant shift within the technology sector, artificial intelligence (AI) has transcended its status as a niche category to become a fundamental aspect of a wide array of products and services. This evolution marks a critical juncture in how technology companies operate and innovate, signaling a new era where AI is not just an…

The Universe
Out There

Taking ‘We Are The Universe’ To A WHOLE New Level

This article discusses an intriguing chart created by Dr. Charles Lineweaver and graduate student Vihan Patel that plots a vast range of objects, from subatomic particles to superclusters, on a log-log-graph, based on their mass and radius. This method was chosen as it covers many orders of magnitude in both size and mass that exist…

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