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Red Sled Santa will pop up around Los Angeles quite often during the holiday season, available to be YOUR Santa for your next tree lighting ceremony, parade, or just a quick pop-in on your workplace to say Ho Ho Ho! For more information

             Santa Cortney is here!!!!!!

Everyone’s joyful hearts will soar as Santa arrives with a jolly “Ho Ho Ho!” to greet all personally and with abundant Christmas enthusiasm!   Remember the old-days of childhood joy upon seeing Santa and the wonder and deep excitement of anticipation? Real bearded Santa Cortney is an excellent replica of the Santa that you remember from all the times of yesteryear! He dons a beautiful traditional (custom made) classic Santa Suit, and has the Santa look and the Santa voice that will create one instantly back to the Old Days of bygone times.

“On the side” professionally, I am a Historic Restoration Contractor that has been on a nationally syndicated television show and am currently involved with the creation and installation of museum exhibit pieces.  So you see, I fit right in with history!  I am a (non-smoker) Santa model and am available for Greetings, Parties, Tree Lighting Ceremonies, Gift Giving, New Pet Giving, Telephone Talks, Media Spokesperson, Skyping, Community and Corporate Functions, Military Functions, Home Visits, and Hospitals. I have a great charitable spirit and am delighted to visit (sick or bedridden) children or elders and will travel too! *Ask for the Santa helpers list for that.  Santa “C” is a “one of a kind” Santa and a total professional.  I have real custom Santa Clothes, Authentic Boots, A real Santa Beard, Candy Canes, Rosy Cheeks, Twinkling Eyes and smell like Peppermint! Ho! Ho! Ho! I will very cheerfully give you a memorable and meaningful Holiday Experience!  And I look very forward to proving that to you!


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    18639 Parthenia St, Northridge, Los Angeles, California, USA Zip code-91324
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