Welcome to the new USA Directory

You have found the webs411 business directory. We are a human edited directory so we manually aprove each link on merit. webs411 has been listing companies in our directory for free for over ten years. Now, under the heading of "No good deed goes unpunished", we have had to take a step back lately and get rid of a lot of content since hackers and spambots (get a life you nosepicking, losers!) tried to find a new home here for a while. We have taken steps to insure that won't happen again. The problem stems from Asia and their spambots.

So webs411 has made the decision to block ALL countries from that region. If you have a free company listing in our directory and you are from one of the blocked countries your listing will not go away but you will no longer be able to access your account.

We have also made the desion to only list countries in the fifty states with cage codes. Our directory will be changing the categories to match the US Census burough's NAICS categories. This change will be implimented in the coming weeks.

As always our listings will still be free but we will be listing only legitamate US companies. It would be nice IF I didn't to do this, but IF dingleberries were diamonds I'd open a Kay Jewelers in my pants